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What does CodeCopy do?

CodeCopy is simple way to code convertion between c# and languages. You can copy any c# or code and paste visual studio with Paste with CodeCopy. Thats detect your project language and converts code to target language(c# or It's simple!

Works on Visual Studio 2005, 2008 and 2010.


Feature plan

  • Partial code converting: Converter runs on code blocks and covert code and comment code block when it is non convertable block. Notice convertable code blocks will be recovered.
  • Smart error fixer: We work on generic errors because some error messages fixed programmaticaly. Eg: if error is "',' expected." then we fix this problem when inserted ',' character on required line and column.
  • More effective code convertion

Special thanks:
*Davut ENGİN
*Necati DANACI

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